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About Our Family

Local Texas Breeders, our cavaliers are our kids we treat them as such.  We are looking for the best possible homes for our King Cavalier puppies.  We have been looking forward to this for three years and we have been blessed with a new litter of 7 amazing healthy puppies.  Our male "Poka" Tri-Blend comes from a grand national champion family.  We are not a puppy mill or a back yard breeder. Our puppies are raised in a health incubator for 24/7 monitoring. The Incubator assists puppies with lung development and removes all air born viruses.  We spend an enormous amount of time raising our puppies. We name them and raise them as our own. By 8 weeks the puppies are potty, and crate trained.  We are hands on with the puppies.  We guarantee our puppies will not shy away from their shadow due to our extensive sensitivity training and socializing. Each dog will go be exposed to multiple situations and noises at a very young age to help with anxiety most dogs have later in life, unless they were trained at a young age.  Each dog will experience a car seat, a smoke detector, Vacuum, and a hair drier just to name a few examples. All of the dogs are motivated with love and will never be punished.  Your puppy should never know what it is to be punished only loved and they will blossom into that special dog that you will hold near and dear to your heart forever,  We have referrals if needed and testimonials we get back are truly amazing.


My wife and I breed the puppies because we love the breed and honestly miss them when they leave.  We make sure each dog goes to the right home. Our main concern for this litter was health and wellbeing.  We knew we wanted to have our own litter one day, so we made sure to invest a lot of time and homework into finding the correct mates.  Our litter is one of a kind. Our Dam is the smartest King Charles Cavalier you will ever meet.  Our Sir is beautiful with all the right markings. We were excited to get both Blenheim's and Tri-Colors on this litter. Don't lose your chance to have one of the greatest puppies of all time.  In 8 weeks, our puppies will go home to a new family should be ready just in time for Easter.

More Pictures and information available on request.  One on one Facetime available with any puppy with appointment.  Photo Gallery is under development with daily photos to show progress!

Our Team
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