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Prada "AKA" Bentley

Bentley Thank you.png
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We get amazing feed back in regards to how smart and well trained the puppies are.


Pepsi, "AKA" Lexi

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Checking in with update on lexi.png

All or our dogs are socialized and adapt very well to existing family pets and children in the home.

eevee pic 2.png

Peral,"AKA" Eevee

EEVEE setteling Inn.png
EEVEE thank you .png

Big dogs and little dogs make great companions for our dogs.

Above and Beyond

Puppy Delivery

Puppy Delivery.png

We can make arrangements to deliver the puppies if needed. Part of our sensitivity training is getting the puppies used to most situations while be socialized.  All of our puppies will be used to being in a booster seat before they are picked up.

Dog Crates

What you need after picking up your pup.png

We crate train every dog by week 8. The crate training is part of the potty training process. This is a picture of the crates we use. The number one question we get is "what will I need?" our answer for this is "just a crate" we will provide everything else.

Gift Baskets

Gift Basket.jpeg

Every puppy will be sent home with his or her own gift basket. Each basket is customized for each dog. We try our best to eliminate any anxiety the puppy may have with adjustments into the new family.

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